API reference

API - Run

The Run API is used to start a Run. It returns a run_id which can be used to monitor responses afterwards.

The primary requirements are for you to specify the ID of a test (which can be obtained via the Test API or in the UI) and the duration in minutes, from 2 minutes to 720 minutes.

The run_id is critically used during the process of the run to get live stats from the Results API, as well as once the test is completed to see the full report data.

LoadForge allows runs between 2 and 10 minutes per test for basic and free users, up to 30 minutes for essential users and up to 12 hours for premium users.

Start a run

POST /api/v2/run
    "test_id": 123,
    "duration": 5

 - test_id: integer, ID of test to run
 - duration: integer, minutes between 2 and 720

    run_id: 123

{success} Remember, once a run has started you can immediately use the Results API to monitor its progress.

Cancel a run

POST /api/v2/run/cancel/{run_id}

    run_id: 123,
    status: "Cancelled"