Cloud Costs

LoadForge launches its load generation servers on your DigitalOcean account. You then incur a fee for running the droplets for a few minutes. Typically a test costs between 5 and 10 US cents ($0.05).

You can use our cloud

You can use our cloud if you don't have your own DigitalOcean account, you just pay slightly more per test.

Working out costs

LoadForge always provides a cost estimate before launching a test for you. However, to understand the "costs" we are provisioning $40/month VMs in most cases, in tests over 50,000 users $80/month and over 100,000 users $120/month.

DigitalOcean does not yet support per-second billing and so you are charged for 1 hour of consumption for each droplet launched. In addition, we launch a controller always which means you pay for 1+(number of servers) in your test.

Users per server

Generally, you can test between 10,000 and 20,000 users per worker server.

Cost estimations

To give you a guideline on typical tests sizes and cloud costs we have included some example test costs below:

~10,000 virtual users = $0.11
~70,000 virtual users = $0.66
~200,000 virtual users = $3.57

As you can see the cost per test, especially for small tests, is minimal. Large scale tests cost more to run, but are still thousands of dollars cheaper than most competitors.

Our Cloud Costs

If you don't have your own DigitalOcean account to link, you can choose to use our infrastructure instead. The pricing for that is quite simple, we charge $1 per server per hour, and the minimum billing amount is an hour.

For example, if you launch a 30-minute test with 2 servers we will charge you $2.

Using the cloud