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Test Directory

Welcome to the official LoadForge test directory! 🥳

LoadForge has many available options when it comes to creating a test script:

  • This, our official test directory with many examples.
  • The LoadForge Wizard which will crawl your site and generate a test for you.
  • Recording your browser allows you to upload a browser recording.

We have highlighted some of the most popular to get you started:

Already experienced? Then keep scrolling for our full list of test examples. Remember you can use the search bar to find anything you need.

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In-case you were not aware, LoadForge uses the locust load test software under the hood. That means our test examples are all locustfiles and compatible with locust if you're an open-source user looking to copy an example.

The opposite is also true, meaning you can take any home-grown locustfile and run it on our platform!

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