Cloud Instance Sizes

We automatically adjust the size of the cloud droplets used depending on your total simulated user count. The primary limitation when load testing is CPU, so the more CPU power (and more reliable it is) the better the test performs.

<2,000s-2vcpu-4gbShared 2-core system
2,000-50,000c2CPU Optimized 2vCPUs 4GB
50,000-100,000c4CPU Optimized 4vCPUs 8GB
>100,000c8CPU Optimized 8vCPUs 16GB

DigitalOcean limitations

If you see that a run failed due to a Limited Account the reason is this error from DigitalOcean:

This size is currently restricted. Please send an additional payment to unlock.

This is typically new and free accounts that are prevented from launching droplets that are not the minimum spec. LoadForge requires more memory and CPU to function properly, and uses the CPU optimized 4 core droplet spec.

To resolve this you typically need to make a deposit into your DigitalOcean account of around $40 if it's brand new. You can also open a support ticket with them to enquire. If your test is large you may need an account with a higher amount than that. Please contact us for help.

Below is an example message for you to log a ticket at Digital Ocean:


I would like to request access to launch c2, c4, and c8 droplets on my DigitalOcean
account. Please can you confirm whatever verification I need to do in order
to have the CPU optimized droplets enabled.

Thank you

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Additional support

Contact us if you continue to have any issues with the launching of cloud instances.