Host health checks

LoadForge automatically monitors the health of all your connected Hosts. We check for a valid HTTP reply every 10 minutes and notify you if the host fails to reply to our test. We also monitor the response time, and the validity of your SSL certificates if using HTTPS.

This is a free value-add service provided by LoadForge for all subscribed accounts.


Should your Host be detected as having an issue (offline, SSL expiring, etc.) we will generate a notification, which is sent to all users on your Team.

All users will always receive these notifications, however, you can disable receiving emails about new notifications on your Notifications Page.


LoadForge is not a network monitoring solution. We provide this as a free value add to our subscribed users, but do not recommend using this as a full replacement for something like Checkly or Pingdom. Additionally, we only check your hosts health from our primary datacenter in the US, or our backend one in the EU.