Host Health Checks

LoadForge is dedicated to ensuring seamless performance for your web infrastructure. Beyond the core load testing features, LoadForge also provides automatic health checks for all your connected hosts. This is a complementary service for our subscribed users to keep you informed of your host's health and performance.


Every host that you connect to LoadForge is automatically monitored for its health. At regular intervals, LoadForge checks:

  • HTTP Response: We verify if the host provides a valid HTTP response.
  • Response Time: The time taken by the host to reply is monitored.
  • SSL Validity: If your host uses HTTPS, we also validate the SSL certificate's authenticity and expiration status.

Notification System

In the event that any irregularities or issues are detected with your host (e.g., it goes offline, SSL certificate nearing expiry), LoadForge will trigger a notification. Here's what you need to know:

Notification Recipients

  • Every user associated with your team will receive this notification.
  • By default, all notifications are sent. However, if you prefer not to receive emails for new notifications, you can adjust your preferences on the Notifications Page.

Important Considerations

Not a Standalone Monitoring Solution

While the health check feature is beneficial, it's essential to understand that LoadForge is not primarily a network monitoring tool. This feature is a value-added service for our subscribers. For comprehensive monitoring solutions, we recommend tools such as Checkly or Pingdom.

Check Origin

LoadForge performs health checks from specific locations. Currently, the health check originates either from our primary datacenter located in the US or our backend center in the EU. Ensure you consider this when evaluating the response times and availability.


LoadForge's host health check is a handy feature to get a pulse on your hosts' status. It is designed to provide additional peace of mind, ensuring you're the first to know if any issues arise with your connected hosts. Always remember to use a dedicated monitoring tool for in-depth insights and complete coverage.

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