Adding your team

LoadForge allows you to have any number of team members in your account. You may invite them to see your runs, configure tests, and more.

Included for free

Users do not have to pay for their own accounts! You can have one single paid company account and add your team members to it.

Manage your team

Click on your Profile Image in the top right of the LoadForge dashboard and select Team Settings.

Here you can name your team, which we recommend, and use the "Add Team Member" functionality to invite additional users.

These users must have registered an account (signed up) with LoadForge before you can invite them. However, they do not to complete the billing process. Follow the steps below for each team member.

Adding a user

  1. Register a new user account (sign up) for the team member you want to invite.
  2. They can wait on the billing page once they have signed up, they do not need to pay.
  3. As an admin on your paid team, you can now invite them.
  4. They can now refresh, then click their Profile Image in the top right to change to your team.
  5. From this stage they cna use your team account.