Test guides

Record your browser

LoadForge supports recording browser actions in Chrome, and then converting them into a LoadForge test. This allows you to simulate a real user browsing your site, logging in, ordering items, etc.

That recording is known as a HAR, and once you have created one you may use the LoadForge HAR Converter to change it into a LoadForge test file.

Record Your Scenario

Before you begin prepare for your scenario by thinking through the steps you want to execute, and being ready to do exactly that in your browser. You will need Google Chrome for this.

Once you are ready, follow exactly these steps:

  1. Open Chrome in Incognito mode (it’s important to have no cookies prior to starting).
  2. Open the Developer Tools.
  3. Open the Network panel.
  4. Select Disable cache and Preserve log.
  5. Clear the existing log by clicking the Clear 🚫 button.
  6. Ensure recording is enabled: the Record button should be red πŸ”΄ (click it to toggle).
  7. Navigate to your target site by entering the URL in the address bar, like https://loadforge.com.
  8. Perform your scenario by clicking through the pages, filling in forms, clicking buttons, etc.

Tip from the pros

After each click/action, and before the next one, we recommend that you wait until the network panel stops showing activity to ensure all the page requests are complete.

Save Your Scenario

Once you are satisfied with your recording, it's time to stop and save it:

  1. End recording by clicking the Record πŸ”΄ button.
  2. Right-click on any of the file names listed in the bottom pane of the Network panel.
  3. Select Save as HAR with content.
  4. Save the file on your machine.

That file can be uploaded to the HAR Converter on LoadForge.

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