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Disable SSL Verification

LoadForge will automatically verify SSL certificates for all requests. However, if you are testing a staging, pre-prod or some other self-signed certificate this may not be desired.

You can disable SSL verification for a specific test by setting the verify_ssl attribute to False on each request, or, globally in the on_start method.

Effect of disabling verification

SSL verification is not really necessary on a load test, and you shouldn't panic about disabling it if your certificate is invalid. We still have to simulate the full SSL negotiation, and the load test will still be completely valid. This is often useful during test or development cycles.

Code snippets

def on_start(self):
    self.client.verify = False
def login_page(self):
    self.client.post("/api/login", verify=False, {"Password":"xxxxx"})

The primary function is adding the "verify=False" section to either your on_start client definition, or, if your self.client.post or self.client.get requests.

Handling CSRF