Worker failures

If you see an error about a partial or total worker failure then your test had at least one worker fail during the running of the test!

LoadForge has detected that at least one worker failed during your test. Typically, this is due to load caused by the test configuration or number of users and the quickest fix is to launch more workers.

Avoid failures by scaling

Increase your Tests "Workers to launch (droplets)" number and try the test again to see if it succeeds.


This is almost always caused by an overloaded worker. The amount of load a worker can generate varies a large amount depending on your test.

For a test that is "successful" - e.g. not generating large amounts of errors, not taking a long time to reply to requests, etc a typical worker can handle ~10,000 requests per second. If you use the FastHTTP client then up to 4x as many as that.

However, if your test has responses that are often failing, if the servers are taking long to reply, or if you have complex test scenarios you may need more workers to share the load.